Our studio enjoys working with clients that are appreciative of both the artistry of design and the process. We look for opportunities to push beyond the norm and investigate innovative materials, forms, and processes. We make a conscientious effort to be kind to the environment and look to mother nature as a resource of knowledge in our design work.

Most importantly, we are our client's advocate. We listen to your needs and desires; we will help you come up with a plan that incorporates your goals, funds and timeline. We will help you execute the plan acting as your facilitator, designer, and/or architect.

The Calico crew has a wide variety of experience in architecture, graphic, and product design. We follow our passions to find projects that challenge us to think in different ways.



We are a studio of problem solvers and idea generators. Our process is straight forward: design challenge, research, ideation, design, revision, and completion. What sets us apart is our teamwork, service and ability to think outside the box.