CloudBees Collection

Raleigh, North Carolina

This collection is about circular motion like in a fan belt that you would find in a factory or water mill. We began with the conference table by designing a steel base that uses undulating narrow to wide trapezoids to move the eye in a circular pattern. The tops of the conference and task tables are veneered plywood to add warmth to the spaces. We worked in collaboration with McConnell Studios on this collection to finalize details and fabricate the design.

The task tables are a simplified version of the conference table, staying with the steel frame base and veneered plywood, but we reduced the amount of steel so that the tables could be more easily moved to accommodate varying furniture arrangements. Both the conference and task tables have a dropped center trough to carry and hide any cables needed by the office.

Our dining table is a blend of our grub hub lunch counter and our more refined task tables. The reclaimed wood slabs are finger-jointed and spill down the end of the table while the blackened steel frame is an abstraction of arms holding up the wood. It’s our freezeframe of “work in motion”. The woodwork for this table was fabricated by our studio, Calico, while the steel basewas fabricated by McConnell Studios.

Architect: Heather R.B. Washburn, AIA
Product Design: Calico Creates
Collaboration & Steel Fabrication: McConnell Studios
Reclaimed Wood Fabrication: Calico Creates
Photographer: Keith Isaacs