NE 4th 

Kirkland, Washington

Our clients enjoy the threshold between inside and out, and with their passion for gardening have worked hard to cultivate their front and back yard, even keeping chickens along the back fence. They wanted their house to reflect this passion for the outdoors. Without adding any square footage, we cut into the back walls of the den and dining room. Removing the den wall to the backyard, we also changed the small pop-out roof from a hip to a shed, raising it to allow light to pour into the house while protecting the interior from harsh glare. We transitioned from inside to out by providing an area to mingle. Like fingers extending into the earth, we pushed and pulled existing areas into their full potential. We took the areas that were hiding behind walls and in the shadows and gave them definition, color, and light.

Architect: Heather R.B. Washburn, AIA
Architectural & Interior Design: Calico Studio, PLLC
Contractor: Jeremy Weinstein GC
Photographer: Michael Hanson