ZBT Fraternity House 

Seattle, Washington

ZBT fraternity is taking back their fraternity house and they want to begin on a fresh foot. Calico Studio is helping them, by refurbishing the house that hasn’t been touched since 1964. They are working to overhaul the existing building making it more energy efficient, comfortable, and visually appealing. The ZBT house near University of Washington’s campus was built in 1910, renovated in the 30’s and then completely overhauled in 1964. It is a poster child of inefficiency. With the owners taking back their house Calico has found that the old structural bones are in good shape it’s the systems (nervous) and skin that need to take advantage of new technologies to become updated. Doing so will help the owner’s save on energy and maintenance and our planet by reducing its carbon footprint. The refurbishment by Calico Studio was completed mid September of 2009 at 4626 21st Ave NE. The building was changed in many ways to make it more environmentally responsible with the help of PSE and Seattle City Light. Who helped Calico find funding to support the fraternity in retrofitting and installing newer and better heating and electrical systems for the house. “We want to help others see the importance of not just earning points for LEED but looking at the delta of where a existing building stands and where you can take it with the right partnerships between owner, architect, builder, city, and energy companies” Says Heather Washburn, architect and owner of Calico Studio.

Architect: Heather R.B. Washburn, AIA
Contractor: Dovetail GC
Photographer: Heather Washburn